Draining the Three

As a Coach, My Favorite Play Remembered It was late in the 4th quarter and time was running out. It was obvious to me the players were a bit disorganized. They knew what needed to happen, but how to get there wasn't clear. The players on the bench all had their own ideas of how … Continue reading Draining the Three


Get In Touch With My Feelings? What About the Facts?

My friend's text message confronted me all evening.  I wanted to respond, but honestly, I just didn't have the energy.  I reread it a couple times thinking I'd find momentum to take another step, but there were no steps to be found. Early this morning my memory reminded me the text was still there...still knocking … Continue reading Get In Touch With My Feelings? What About the Facts?

Breaking Free and Taking Flight

Random Thoughts Lead Somewhere...Sometimes As I walked through my neighborhood today, I was reminded of a stressful event that took place about 15 years ago.  On that day, Maureen and I walked a favorite older neighborhood with large yards and no fences.   As we walked along, a very large Boxer dog began charging toward us from it's … Continue reading Breaking Free and Taking Flight