Funny Where Things Go SometimesI woke this morning feeling pretty flat and uninspired.  The thought occurred that I needed to be aware of depression slipping in.  Its weird, but sometimes I initially can't tell the difference between deep ponderings that take place in my mind, and situational depression that sometimes takes me out for short periods of time. … Continue reading Win!


The Family Business

Have you ever experienced the difference people can possess in their work ethic depending on if they're invested in the business, or just doing a job for the paycheck?  I recently had a similar conversation with a man who expressed his frustration with the growing number of rental properties in his area because the renters … Continue reading The Family Business

Get In Touch With My Feelings? What About the Facts?

My friend's text message confronted me all evening.  I wanted to respond, but honestly, I just didn't have the energy.  I reread it a couple times thinking I'd find momentum to take another step, but there were no steps to be found. Early this morning my memory reminded me the text was still there...still knocking … Continue reading Get In Touch With My Feelings? What About the Facts?

Breaking Free and Taking Flight

  Random Thoughts Lead Somewhere...Sometimes As I walked through my neighborhood today, I was reminded of a stressful event that took place about 15 years ago.  On that day, Maureen and I walked a favorite older neighborhood with large yards and no fences.   As we walked along, a very large Boxer dog began charging toward us from … Continue reading Breaking Free and Taking Flight