Looking Down from the High Dive The experience of the boy pictured above on the high dive...that was my experience as a kid.   When my friends invited me to the country club swimming pool near our home, I was really excited to go.  But then, at some point during the day, someone headed to … Continue reading Jump!



Superhero's Living Among Us The Netflix Marvel Series featuring various shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and several others, are stories that feature normal appearing people living among us who possess special powers that are used to overcome the darkness within their world.  Each of the characters experienced personal crisis as they battled coming to grips … Continue reading RockStar!


Funny Where Things Go SometimesI woke this morning feeling pretty flat and uninspired.  The thought occurred that I needed to be aware of depression slipping in.  Its weird, but sometimes I initially can't tell the difference between deep ponderings that take place in my mind, and situational depression that sometimes takes me out for short periods of time. … Continue reading Win!