Funny Where Things Go Sometimes I woke this morning feeling pretty flat and uninspired.  The thought occurred that I needed to be aware of depression slipping in.  Its weird, but sometimes I initially can't tell the difference between deep ponderings that take place in my mind, and situational depression that sometimes takes me out for short periods of [...]

The Family Business

Have you ever experienced the difference people can possess in their work ethic depending on if they're invested in the business, or just doing a job for the paycheck?  I recently had a similar conversation with a man who expressed his frustration with the growing number of rental properties in his area because the renters [...]

Draining the Three

As a Coach, My Favorite Play Remembered It was late in the 4th quarter and time was running out. It was obvious to me the players were a bit disorganized. They knew what needed to happen, but how to get there wasn't clear. The players on the bench all had their own ideas of how [...]

A Body of One

The Parts Working in Harmony Adrenal glands dumping and heart pumping as the ball is put into play.  The player receives the pass, pivots, and faces the basket... The left foot pushes off as the body explodes toward the free throw line; right foot plants hard bringing the torso to an abrupt halt; a cross-over dribble [...]

Is He REALLY Good?

A Small Request Once upon a time, there was a tree standing in the middle of a lush garden...a place called paradise.  This garden was filled with so many wonderful trees, and all the Master asked was that the tenants refrain from eating of the one tree in the middle. So many options; one small request... The [...]

Breaking Free and Taking Flight

Random Thoughts Lead Somewhere...Sometimes As I walked through my neighborhood today, I was reminded of a stressful event that took place about 15 years ago.  On that day, Maureen and I walked a favorite older neighborhood with large yards and no fences.   As we walked along, a very large Boxer dog began charging toward us from it's [...]

Pursuit of Greatness

My wife and I watched a documentary last night of a music group from Down Under named Hillsong.  Over the years they've made a significant impact in the Christian music genre, and many of their songs are played within the local church worship service on a weekly basis.   As the video ended, I had a new appreciation [...]