God is a great God.  Everything about Him is great, and there are no equals to Him.  In His greatness, He made great things, breathtaking things, indescribable in beauty, awesome in every way…perfect in every way as they abide in Him.  These created things are to be enjoyed, and they benefit those around them in so many ways.

That being said, we…you and I, were created in the image of this great God.  Whether you chose to acknowledge His presence…His existence, it makes no difference to the point I am making…you and I were created in God’s image and therefore, you and I were created for greatness.

Christ’s invitation is to “follow Him.”  Obviously not all of us well accept this invitation because for some reason, we think we’ll enjoy this ride more by going our own way…but the invitation is there for us none-the-less.

For those of us who chose to leave the boat, the fishing net, the family business, and the small vision we possess for our lives (see the story of the calling of the first disciples), we will join others who also have chosen to accept the invitation to pursue the Author of the definition of Greatness…and as we pursue Him, we will find ourselves in pursuit of the greatness we were created to reflect.

So this “About” section is really not so much about me as it is about the One I pursue… It is also a story about you as well if you’ve also chosen to accept the invitation.

This blog is dedicated to stories celebrating the pursuit of Greatness our hearts are screaming for.  I’ve not arrived anywhere…so my message is simply the words of someone on the move.

Run with me.


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