Simon of Cyrene


The thought about this character who got his name included in 3 of the 4 gospels within God’s Story began with a question.  Was he in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was he in fact, in the right place at the right time to be given an opportunity to have his name recorded for all eternity to hear his contribution?  

I guess it may begin with perspective right?   If Jesus was a guy who had been exposed as a poser for all the things he declared during his three years of cruising around the land of Israel, stirring up controversy with the religious establishment and the power structures that were in place, then my guess is, Simon from Cyrene was a man with some seriously bad timing.  He just happened to come into town on the wrong day, and allowed his curiosity about all the commotion taking place to position him where he was snatched out of the crowd and forced to participate in a terrible event. 

But, if Jesus was who he said he was…if he truly was God in the flesh, then despite all the circumstances we read took place on that day in Jerusalem, a person could see the argument that Simon was blessed with being in the right place at the right time…and had the honor and privilege of being selected by God to play a part in the story of all stories. 

It kind of depends on whether we want to see things going down around us with our natural eyes, or whether we want to allow God to supernaturally reveal to us things as they are going down in the spirit realm.  It can be an incredible difference in how we interpret the information we are being given right? 

Then, there’s the question of why?  Why did God decide this piece of the story needed to be included in the first place?  In one respect, it was such a small detail, it was covered by only one sentence in each of the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  But switching perspectives, a person could say, it was included in the best-selling book of all-time, God’s story.  God honored this man’s contribution by including his name for all history to know of his contribution. 

It’s about perspective again isn’t it? 

·         Insignificant detail…significant detail…

·         One line describing his involvement…Included in the best-selling book for all-time…

·         Eyes locked on logic and reasoning…Seeing with eyes of faith…

It’s about 4:00am as I begin writing this, and I’ve been wide awake since before 1:00am.  Prior to making the commitment to start the coffee, with hopes I would fall back asleep, I sat in the dark thinking about this character.  Why did God decide to include this character in His Story? 

I don’t have answers, only more thoughts.  But here’s one that occurred to me several hours ago.  What if this was a simple gesture to demonstrate God’s desire to partner with man in accomplishing His will here on earth…as it is in Heaven?  If Jesus was God, did he really need the help in carrying that cross?  Or is it possible that he was in full command of the situation…in the Spirit realm, and he desired to communicate another lesson for all of history to read about as he headed up the hill to Calvary?

I’m on dangerous soil right now…way above my pay-grade.  I’m not a bible scholar so I’m wandering out into territory where my ignorance could be totally exposed…I’ll just put those cards on the table right now. 




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