My Grandson & the Love of the Father


Tonight, I thought I was attending my grandson’s Christmas program. I had no idea I was being set up for a life lesson by my Father. Let’s go back about 2 hours before I go any further.

The Program

My 3.956 year old grandson Henry had his Christmas program tonight. We got to the preschool housed in a church and grabbed back row seats in a sanctuary that contained 15-20 rows of pews. By the time the kids were ushered in, it was standing room only.

As the program moved along, Henry was engaged in the songs at times, and then fighting dinosaurs and other evil creatures of the universe at other times. At one point toward the end, the staff volunteers gave him and several other kids some ornaments they were to hang on the Christmas tree at a specific point in the program. While he held his ornament, waiting for his cue to hang it, I am relatively certain it became a lethal sword in his hand, used to strike fear into the hearts of every villain within the solar system.

A Proud Poppy

In those moments when Henry went off-script, I was a bit overwhelmed with appreciation for who he is becoming. I was proud of him not being a child obediently sitting there performing as he was instructed to perform. I was proud that in certain moments, he was willing to mentally check-out and enter into a more entertaining story going on in his little mind.

If you’re a teacher, I get it. You need order with all those kids or its absolute chaos. And for the most part, Henry was orderly. But when the safety of the human race was in jeopardy, he was willing to put aside his Christmas program responsibilities, and become the hero people desperately needed.

The Drive Home and the Lesson

Maureen worked in town so we drove separately. I had time to drive home by myself and think about stuff. A song came on the radio as I drove. It’s a popular Chris Tomlin song called “Good Good Father”. I sang quietly as I drove, thinking about how much I love my grandsons, and how proud I am of their ornery ways. Then, it hit me…

There came a point in the song on the radio when the words say, “you are perfect in all of your ways; you are perfect in all of your ways.” Initially, my thoughts turned to Henry as I thought about his dramatic off-script moments in life…and I thought, “he’s perfect in all of his ways.” The words kept coming, and so did the thoughts. I realize that in the song, the words are being sung about the perfectness of our Father…but in those moments, I felt in my heart that My Father feels this very way about Henry…about me…about us.

I began to consider the thoughts that just came across my mind; God looks at me and sees perfection? I considered Henry’s sword fight with the ornament, his crawling behind the kid next to him because something caught his attention, I consider the times when I can be . . . well, let’s just say I’m a bit more deplorable…(I’ve heard that word a lot lately). I don’t act like I’m a follower of Jesus. Really? God still looks upon us in those less than wonderful moments with a heart filled with pride and joy?

I felt love and pride in my heart toward my grandson as I saw his personality coming forth in ways that some could say was ornery. It’s part of his original design…it’s who he was created to be. And when God looks at me…with all my imperfections, still stumbling in sinful habits I have yet to give up…could it really be that he sees my original design trying to burst forth…could it be that he sees perfection because he sees me through the Blood of Jesus?

The 25 minute drive wrapped up with me coming into my town, considering the awesomeness of the love of God that he wishes to extend to all of us. That’s it…just a fresh perspective for me on something I will spend the rest of eternity trying to comprehend. Thought I’d share it.






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