(Rewritten from "Accountability") A couple weeks ago I was in a training when I received a call from David. I stepped out of the training and called him back because, although David and I meet most every Friday morning, he rarely calls me during the week. When I called him back, the conversation went something … Continue reading Ineligible!



Looking Down from the High Dive The experience of the boy pictured above on the high dive...that was my experience as a kid.   When my friends invited me to the country club swimming pool near our home, I was really excited to go.  But then, at some point during the day, someone headed to … Continue reading Jump!


Funny Where Things Go SometimesI woke this morning feeling pretty flat and uninspired.  The thought occurred that I needed to be aware of depression slipping in.  Its weird, but sometimes I initially can't tell the difference between deep ponderings that take place in my mind, and situational depression that sometimes takes me out for short periods of time. … Continue reading Win!